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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be destroyed? With new legislation becoming ever stricter and identity theft on the rise it is wise to destroy just about everything that is generated and not on a retention schedule. Some examples are: Memos, Price Lists, Tax Records, Receipts, Letters, Any document with social security numbers, visitor logs, training records, etc.
    • What should we know about selecting a shredding service? The most important aspect of any service is to verify that they actually do the destruction. There are many companies who just collect the materials and then give them to a recycler or do a variety of other things to cut their costs, which ultimately lower the security of their service.
    • For one-time purge jobs can we keep the banker boxes? Yes, we can dump the contents of the boxes into one of our containers for shredding on-site leaving you with the empty boxes.
    • What do you charge for service? Our pricing is determined by pick-up location, volume of material for destruction, and frequency of service.
    • What other type of material do you destroy in addition to paper? For some of our clients we destroy CDs, videos, tapes, and microfiche.
    • Should we remove paper clips, fasteners, staples, or binders? Our shredders are equipped to destroy the above-mentioned items with no difficulties.
    • Can you send someone out to our facility to make recommendations on getting started with a destruction program? We would be more than happy to send a representative to your facility and make suggestions on frequency and the best location for containers. At that time we can explain legislation that directly affects you or your company and come up with the best way to become compliant.


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  • "You certainly know how to build good will for a business. Rest assured, if 'shredding' is a topic in any of my conversations, it will be nothing but positive for Black Dog. Good name, easy to remember."
  • ~ Rick L. Crandell, Owner
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  • "Black Dog Shredding provides a valuable, confidential shredding service. They showed up on time, were extremely courteous and easy to work with. Our organization was able to get about 5 years of old documents shredded within a couple of hours - it was actually fun! Animal Humane highly recommends this service."
  • ~Peggy Weigle, Animal Humane